NDIS Psychology Services

    Casey Cardinia Psychology has been a provider of NDIS services in the City of Casey and Shire of Cardinia since the commencement of NDIS services in 2018. We work closely with our participants to meet their practical and emotional needs and support them to achieve their NDIS goals. Our practice provides a safe and supportive space to explore your situation and look at ways to cope with and negotiate life’s challenges. Our dedicated staff have 16 years’ experience in mental health social work and psychology, specialising is disability, including psycho-social disability. We work from a truly person centred and strengths based perspective.  You can be assured that you will get the assistance you need when you need it.

    We adhere to NDIS quality and safeguards requirements.  This means we follow best practice principals and have the training, skills and expertise to assess your situation and to offer effective treatment to you or someone you know.

    Our NDIS Psychologists, Mental Health Social Workers and Counsellors can help you to:

    We work from a strengths based and person centred perspective. We can assist you to achieve your goals by:

    • Helping you to participate in your community and build new skills around managing your mental health condition
    • Assistance to build your self determination and independence
    • Assisting you to increase your coping strategies, confidence, and resilience
    • Assist you with advocacy as required

    Specific types of services, in line with your goals, may include:

    • Emotional support and mentoring
    • Social and relationship skill building
    • Emotional self regulation
    • Development of mental health strategies and coping mechanisms
    • Building self esteem, confidence and resilience
    • Assistance to access and participate in your community and social recreation
    • Assistance with motivation for every day tasks
    • Assistance to attend allied health and other appointments
    • Attending In house groups to provide a safe space to engage in community and practice social and/or emotional skills

    Our NDIS Support Workers

    At Casey Cardinia Psychology you are guaranteed a support worker who holds a mental health qualification and/or has lived experience. This is our point of difference.

    • Identify and work towards new goals.
    • Find relief from negative feelings.
    • Feel more independent.
    • Reduce the impact of anxiety and depression in your life.
    • Find new tools and techniques for coping with challenges.
    • Manage mental health problems by creating a plan, offering support and treatment with a skilled mental health social worker or psychologist.
    • Improve your social skills to develop and enhance your relationships.

    Casey Cardinia Psychology are registered providers with the NDIA, assuring you of audited quality and safeguards compliance.

    Common NDIS funding items include:

    • Improved Daily Living (Mental Health Social Work)
    • Improved Daily Living (Psychology)
    • Mental Health Support Worker
    • Therapy Assistant Level 2

    Our focused psychological strategies include:

    • Psycho-Education
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
    • Exposure Techniques
    • Activity Scheduling
    • Problem Solving
    • Anger Management
    • Social Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Stress Management
    • Relaxation Strategies
    • Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling